Fabulous Friday Finds

This is my first attempt of writing for the 5 minute Fridays from Kate’s blog. The timer is set for 5 minutes…Go!

There. I shut the door – both doors actually.

Ahhh. There it is…


After a busy day morning of history reading, question answering and assignments clarifying, this quiet is a beautiful and refreshing find.

Now, what do I do with it?

I write. I write because it’s quieter than talking. The scene sounds so much more controlled when it’s in words.

I write because each second that ticks by is one less I will be on this earth. I want my moments to count. I also want the lessons I’ve learned to benefit someone else.

Maybe it’s a warning not to go there. “Watch out for that pothole!” “Swerve to miss that tree planted in the middle of the road!”

And then the timer beeps! My first 5 Minute Friday is over!

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday Finds

  1. Lars Skov Krøgholt says:

    Hey Julie, Welcome to the community! I like your post, a fine description of you in the room in the necessity of writing. Beep. Lars, your friend from Five Minute Friday


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