Dear Younger Me: Remember That Life Really Does Have Seasons

The other day my Mom wrote a blog post titled Dear Younger Me. Something she said struck a cord in me and made me want to write a similar post. She said “Life really does have seasons, and each one will bring its own responsibilities of time and energy, of commitments and interruptions.”

Yes. It’s so true! So with that in mind, here is my letter to a younger me, or anyone who is maybe graduating high school and branching out on his or her own for the first time.

Dear Julie,

I know you’re leaving High School with big plans for the future. The sky’s the limit right? You’ve been told you can do anything you put your mind to, and you aren’t one to give up easily so there must be nothing that’s impossible for you to attain.

If there’s one thing I could say to you before you set off it’s this: Remember that there really are seasons in life. You tend to want to do everything, RIGHT NOW. But in reality that doesn’t always work no matter how much you want it, how much effort you put into it, how many prayers your pray. Ecclesiastes is right – there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. (Eccl 3:1)

In the summer seasons of life, the days are long and productive and it may feel like nothing can stand in your way. You’re able to crush goal after goal and each day is fun and invigorating.

But then summer fades to fall. The days shorten, which you’ll be thankful for in the beginning. A time to slow down. You’ll breathe in the smell of fall with its pumpkin spice candles and cooler breezes while you watch the leaves turn brilliant colors and fall to the ground.

And after fall (which tends to be short and sporadic in Texas!) comes winter. All those leaves the trees worked hard during the summer to maintain, disappear leaving the trees bare branched all season long.

There is still beauty and purpose in winter. It just looks different than the other seasons. The sun doesn’t shine as much. It won’t feel very productive. But it’s still important. So embrace it. Play in the snow when it comes. Cuddle up in blankets. Light a fire. Eat chili. Watch football. Read a book. It’s OK.

There will be times of winter in your life and it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. It doesn’t mean you took a right turn when you should’ve taken a left. It just means it’s winter. So grab a jacket!

I want you to listen to this song called Shattered by Blanca. It truly captures this season and anchors your soul in hope.

The chorus goes like this: (Oh I wish there was a font to express the passion in Blanca’s voice as she sings these words. You must listen to get the full effect!!)

 If you shatter
Every piece of you that’s on the floor
He can restore
And after
You’ll be even stronger than before
He can restore
What’d shattered

Dear Julie, there will be times in your life when you feel shattered. Your dreams and plans will be like a glass jar that’s been dropped on the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces. And when that happens, I pray with all that’s within me that you know, Jesus Christ can restore EVERY broken piece.

He won’t restore it back the way it was, but the Lord God will use every piece that is broken and will create a new masterpiece with them. Let Him have the pieces and trust His ways.

After a few seasons have cycled, you’ll be able to look back and genuinely be grateful for those winter months because that’s when you experienced God in real, personal ways.

That’s the beauty of winter.

I think you’ll know what to do in spring. It’s probably your favorite season. Not only is green your favorite color, but you love new things – new clothes, new adventures, new house projects to work on. You will thrive in spring. And you will be worn out by the end of summer because of it.

Just remember God is still God in winter. Let the leaves fall when it’s time. God will always bring a new set next year.

Yours Always,




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