How Did We Know This Was It?

A few weeks ago a friend asked me a thought provoking question. We were talking about dating and relationships among teenagers and she said, “So how did you and Adam KNOW this was it? I mean did you really know the first day that you would get married? What did all that look like?”

Good question right?

Those of you who know our story know that Adam and I met when we were 16 – summer of our sophomore year. We dated the remaining 2 years of high school and then married two months after graduation.

That being more than 20 years ago, I had to blow some dust off the old memory files to properly answer my friend’s question.

How did we know we had something special?

In a way, relationships are like panning for gold. At first glance the gold nuggets look like all the other pebbles around it. It’s not until you shake off some dirt and rinse them off that you discover that little pebble of dirt is really gold!

I hear people say it was love at first sight and I knew from day one we would get married. And maybe they did. But I think some of that is easier to say in hindsight. For me, I didn’t know that first day.

What I did know was: this guy is cute, there’s a twinkle in his eye that says he likes me and I’d like to get to know him more.

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How Does God Confirm His Will To Us?

Finding God’s Will can often seem like staring at two jigsaw puzzles with the pieces all mixed together. Which piece goes to which puzzle? And what image are we piecing together?

I’m not a famous artist but I remember how my mom ( who is a famous artist ) taught me how to draw a tree. It’s a series of Y’s. I drew this in my journal one day as I thought about the different choices I’ve made all trying to be in God’s Will.


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When Puzzles Just Take Awhile

I love puzzles. Short ones, that is. The ones with about 100 pieces that can be completed in one sitting. I love the idea of putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle. I’d set up a place for it tucked away in a quiet corner by a window so this project can always be lingering in the background. I can pass by the table on my way to the laundry room, put a few pieces together, then carry on with my laundry and other things.

I love the idea of setting the box lid before me, studying the color scheme and placing all the pieces in groups accordingly.

I love the idea of being able to match the pieces to the picture and feel the click when those pieces interlock.

I long for this in my life. Yet, so many times, I don’t find it. I can’t even find the lid with the picture! I try to group my pieces by color but so many times I can’t decipher if the green is the grass, the newly budded trees or a really cool shirt.

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