Right about the time my first baby was born, Dr. James Dobson released his updated version of The Strong-Willed Child.  The title intrigued me because I’d overheard my mother reference me as a strong-willed child once or twice and figured there was a high probability of passing that gene on to my son. By the time my newborn was two weeks old, it was obvious I needed Dr. Dobson’s book! Forget the child part, I had a strong-willed infant!

As I’ve been a mom to that firstborn for going on 15 years, I’ve realized raising a strong-willed child takes being a strong-willed mom. Actually, raising kids in general no matter their temperament takes strong-willed parenting.

On this site, we hope to share inspiring stories and encouraging tips to spur you on to be your own version of a strong-willed parent.






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  1. Dear Julie,

    I was blessed by reading the Rock that Didn’t Budge. I was wondering if I can use parts of it with a new youth group which I was asked to form next month. I will footnote and reference you as the author of that material. I would like to add additional information for teens such as “What did you ask God to remove?” Acne or a learning disability or an unhappy home life? I would also like to include Paul and how he repeatedly implore God to remove a thorn in the flesh. What do you think?

    Blessings to you and your family,


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