Faith Floaties

Do we need proof of God’s Word being alive and sharper than a double-edged sword? How about reading a familiar bible story in a fresh, new light and it producing in you a realization that you never saw before? That’s what happened to me with Matthew 14:13-33. This is my rendition of that moment…

The feeding of the 5 thousand happened right after Jesus heard about John the Baptist’s beheading. He withdrew by boat to be alone. What He was feeling, we aren’t told. But, interrupting that quiet, alone time, was the crowds that began gathering around him. Filled with compassion, He began teaching them and healing the sick. As evening came, the disciples remind Jesus everyone will be getting hungry soon and they sure don’t have enough food to feed such a crowd. The familiar story then unfolds when food multiplies from Heaven and Jesus produces enough to feed them all. After the baskets were returned, the leftovers bagged up, Jesus sent His disciples on up ahead of Him while He dismissed the crowds. Jesus, however, decided to resume his “quiet time” and retreated again to a mountainside to pray A-L-O-N-E. Meanwhile, His disciples have now drifted a considerable distance away from the shore because it’s almost morning. Jesus approaches them, walking on the water. The disciples’ mouths gape open in fear, but Jesus says,”It is I. Do not be afraid.” Peter speaks up and says, “Lord, tell me to come to you.” “Come on,” Jesus says. Peter inches out, then realizes what he’s doing and a million doubts fill his head. Instantly his feet begin to fail and he’s sinking. “Help, Lord!” he yells. As Jesus swoops in to gently lift him up, Jesus asks, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” I imagine Peter saying, “But Lord, the waves…I …..can’t….” Jesus rests him on the boat and the wind stills. The LORD has walked into the boat and all creation must obey Him. 

Jesus didn’t still the waves to boost Peter’s self-confidence. He let him sink, carried him to the boat, then stilled the waves so that the disciples would worship HIM. I agree with the disciples, “Truly you are the Son of God”!

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