Life Stitches

Why do I love to sew you ask? Ahhh, let me count the ways… #1 It connects me with my mom and grandmother. #2 Sewing allows me to use my creativity on something other than my kids and husband. #3 It sucks me into a time warp where suddenly I don’t feel hungry, tired or worried about life. All I can think about is the next stitch and how excited I am to see the finished product!! Sewing is not something I take lightly, actually, I don’t take anything lightly, and so sewing obviously is no different! I also race to finish things, so I’m terrible at a seeing fabric draped over the machine waiting patiently for me to have time for it. I just part the waters of life, sit down and SEW. All of that to say it was one of those “sewing weeks” as we call it in my house, and this was one of the last pieces to make. It was a sleep shirt. Simple… Easy… Right? Sort – of. I’d done this pattern before but always messed up on the neckline. I thought I had figured it out and was excited to get to the dreaded part, confident I knew what to do now. This wouldn’t take long! Did I mention it was about 9pm…kids in bed…long day…husband feeling a little lonely due to “sewing week”?? Well, that’s just a minor detail anyway. So here we are…the neck seam and I had it figured out. I pinned. I checked. I double checked. Finally I begin to sew, carefully and slowly because I’m working with a knit fabric and a knit stitch that is almost impossible to rip out if it’s not right. Excitedly I do the final backstitch, cut the strings and examine my work. My heart says, thump, thump, thump… “NOOOOOOO” My idea was not correct, I had stitched the whole thing wrong again! So instead of snuggling next to my husband clothed in a homemade shirt, I, through clenched teeth and watering eyes undid tiny stitches until my eyes couldn’t see anymore and my stomach was in knot. Not the rewarding feeling I was looking for.
The next morning I woke up and after breakfast picked up right where I left off. That’s when it hit me…
As the “creator” of this sleep shirt, there’s really no mess up, no stitch that I can’t take out. Even if I messed up the whole thing or cut it in two, I could always buy more fabric and do it again, because I have the PATTERN.
Then I related it to MY life. There’s no stitch, no marks, no cuts that God can’t fix. He has the pattern. He is my CREATOR, therefore, I cannot mess up His masterpiece. Because actually, in my mess up, He becomes MORE. You see that zig zag stitch there? That’s where I started to veer off the right, chasing after the wind and God had to do some extra stitches there. You see that my right sleeve is a different shade then the left? That’s because I sewed it on backward. God decided to leave it as a reminder that He comes first and when I’m abiding with him, I’m going to look different than those around me. You see that neckline? All the holes because the stitches were taken out so many times it put holes in the fabric? There wasn’t a way to pull out the stitches (things in my life not honoring Him) without pulling out what was around it and leaving a hole. Yes, I’m a mess. But I’m God’s mess, and He’s not finished with me yet!!!

How can you relate that to your life? What stitches have needed to be ripped out? Or maybe left in to remember He is perfect, we are not. I pray you will let God be your Creator. I pray you dance in the freedom of His arms. I feared messing up for so long it stunted by ability to dance with Him. He loves us with an everlasting love. If you are in Christ, He loves you just as you are today. We can embrace that truth and let Him create us as He will. 

One thought on “Life Stitches

  1. dk says:

    This post has so much meaning to me personally. I first began to smile as I read of how sewing connects you to your mom and grandmom and then your analogy became deeper and wiser. We are not made with a cookie-cutter. Our Creator is infinitely creative. His universe is infinitely diverse. Rich, unexpected, breathtaking, strange, even hilarious. Yes, may we learn to dance in His trustworthy hands.


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