Disguised Rest

I have always loved a good birthday party. Time with friends, and cake, silly games, and cake, celebrating another year, and yes, CAKE! But I hadn’t heard of a “Golden” birthday until this year. According to my sources, it’s when, for instance, you turn 25 on the 25th that month. Mine would’ve been 13 on the 13th  of December, and my mom completely dropped the ball! Adam said the ultimate would be turning 29 on Feb 29th! Anyway, a friend of our family recently celebrated this momentous occasion and had a party to match it. The party included a sleep over, where the kids (and adults) decided, actually determined to stay awake all night. My oldest son was up for the challenge, so we agreed he could try. Upon picking him up in the morning, we were told he hit the finish line (of 7:30) and then crashed on the chair. With 30 people crowded in the same room,  Caleb never woke up.  It reminded me of when he was a baby and could sleep through anything!

So how can someone REST in a room full of NOISE ? That just doesn’t fit into my idea of rest.  My *idea* of rest is peaceful, quiet, dark and solitude. Maybe that’s not quite accurate. Maybe life doesn’t have to be quiet to be restful?  Just as you can be in a crowd of people yet still feel lonely.
Also,  this allusive rest,  if taken from this picture may require staying  up all night to achieve. There was nothing disturbing my son as he slept in that chair. He was THAT tired. In fact, as I snuggled close to him, he didn’t push me away or jab at me either. He wanted me there and returned the embrace.
Isn’t the same true with us? Yes, we pray for sweet dreams, safety and protection, smooth sailing, but isn’t it when life gives us exactly the opposite that we are more apt to lean into our Savior? When the night doesn’t bring with it the sleep we ache for, or the day doesn’t ring with resolution to our problems we find our self at the feet of Jesus.  As one song puts it, these times can actually be our “Blessings in Disguise”.
Our Savior calls us to intimacy with Him. He alone can be the peace through life’s squalls. He sees the tears we cry and the battle scars we incur.  He says, “Do you trust me?” Do we trust Him through the sleep-less nights and the clamor of life’s gatherings? It’s HERE we stop resisting, instead embrace His arms and truly REST.

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