Better Than a Black Friday Sale

Proverbs 24:3-4 “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

   How do we build a house with wisdom? This verse says our house will be established through understanding. That like couches and tables that fill our actual house, the beautiful antique treasures in this metaphorical house get there by knowledge.
   For the Believer in Christ, wisdom is found in Christ. He is personified here in the word wisdom. In Proverbs we get the picture of us seeking wisdom (which is Christ) as we would a treasure. Unlike the old pirate maps which led its seekers astray or to spoiled plunder, we have an accurate map that leads directly to true, lasting riches! So we have a promise that if we seek wisdom like this, we will find it. I think it’s with this wisdom, that we can begin to build our house.

   Now let’s take understanding. “Established through understanding…” The next question in my mind is “Understand what?” Speaking specifically to homeschooling and my role as a mother, I think of understanding my child. Understanding what he/she needs. Where they ARE in life, and what’s behind the questions they ask. Understanding comes by listening, being actively involved, asking questions, making mistakes together and finding the solutions. Can you see how ESTABLISHMENT comes through this? We establishmore of a relationship with our spouse, for example, when we understand them. We are less likely to take offense from a comment because we have history, or understanding with them. We understand where they are coming from and get where they are going. Understanding. We need this in our home.

   Knowledge falls at the end of this verse. We all love going shopping for home accents. Beautifully decorated candle trays, old-fashion clocks, or silver tea sets fill the stores awaiting a buyer. This verse says our “house” is also filled with beautiful treasures such as these. But these treasure are not found by shopping at Macy’s Black Friday sale, but instead, are acquired through knowledge.

  How can we gain such exquisite treasures by acquiring merely knowledge? I see knowledge flowing out of a life that has continually pursued wisdom and gained understanding. The man or woman who made the aim of their day to be wiser –  to know Jesus more – and understand them-self in conjunction with the world around them. They will become a river of knowledge nourishing many thirsty souls. The rooms of this house will be filled with treasures brought back from painful and joyful experiences this life has taught. People will want to come and sit in this living room to hear the stories that flow from this person’s mouth and just BE in the presence of one who is wise. This knowledge does not come easy or overnight. This precious piece in our “house” is a result of many daily toils over the years. Do you know anyone like this? Do you strive for this? Strive to be this for those in your home or under your care?

   This, my friend, is a solid house, founded on the bedrock of Jesus. It is one that will withstand many a storm or squall. 


Putting it In Our Own Words,

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