Coffee with Jesus

I wish I could just meet Jesus for coffee. Except, I don’t drink coffee – for Him I’m willing to make an exception. Sometimes, I just want to hear His voice, see His smile, smell His clothes.

I know I have the living Christ within me and all the power that rose Him from the dead. I know I can call to Him in prayer anytime and He is always available. I know I have God’s written word – more than any of the prophets or apostles had. I know I have Bible Studies, podcasts and endless book on How to Find God. Yet, sometimes I wish I could meet Jesus face to face at the local Subway and talk about life over a sandwich. 

I would ask Him about money and why some people have millions and some have sub-zero. What is His view is on the whole thing? I’d ask Him why fostering and adopting children in need is such a big, expensive ordeal. I’d ask Him why 11 year olds are so difficult to understand at times underneath all the grunts, smells and outbursts.  How do I guide my children as they find themselves in this adult world?
Just me and Jesus –
And then I’d want Him to tell me about His week. Who He talked to today, where He traveled to and how it all went. “How do you do it,” I would ask. “How do you draw such a crowd and just teach them? You know its Living Water they search for. How do you dig underneath the surface and touch the end of the raw nerve and then offer healing? How can I do the same? Will you go with me and help me? Can I follow you?”

So maybe I should – have coffee with Jesus. Maybe I’ll order a sandwich, but if you see me talking with what appears to be my shadow, oh how wrong you will be! I will be talking to the Creator of the Universe and the Creator of ME, who loves me and gave His life for me so that I could live. I’m pretty sure He will respond with words similar to this song – Casting Crowns Come to the Well

What about you? Have you ever met Jesus for coffee? Tell me about it…

Putting it In Our Own Words,

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