Tired Arms, Strong Shepherd

As a mom, homeschooler, wife and stocker-of-the-pantry, the daily responsibility to lead well weighs heavy on my shoulders. When my kids are hungry, what do they do?

“Mom, I’m hungry.”

When breakfast is out of the way and tummies are full, the questions turn to the day’s schedule.

“What are we doing today, Mom?”

Of all the places and times I am looked upon to lead, direct, point out, initiate, start the ball rolling…to read the words “The Lord is my Shepherd” wash great comfort and relief over my tired arms. I didn’t realize how heavy the load was that I was carrying. And I didn’t realize I was trying to carry it all by myself.

After reading the oh so familiar Psalm 23, I realized I am a shepherd to my kids – but only in the footprints of the Great Shepherd. Only as I follow Him! So I penned this Psalm in my own words in my journal and want to share it with you today.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

I will not live in the land of want because He sees me. He knows when I need to eat and buy new curriculum. He leads me beside quiet waters; he knows the loud waters scare me. Sometimes, even the quietness can cause me to fear.

When I am anxious and running late again, my Shepherd quiets me with his love and tucks me tighter into the fold. My friends encourage me to keep moving. They refresh me with prayers, songs and laughter. After a long day of moving the herd, my Good Shepherd restores my weary soul and gives his flock a day to graze under the sonlight.

He chooses the paths for me. Sometimes that path is dark and rocky and I’m not familiar with the way. In these times, my Shepherd reminds this precious, quaking sheep that it’s for His glory that I walk this road. I must tune into Him and listen to His instructional guidance.

Even though I may walk through the darkest valley – the path crawling with vines, humming with insects and prowling with carnivores, I can fear not. Sometimes the darkness hides the promises my Shepherd has told me. I don’t see them. I don’t feel them. I’m afraid. He knows this. He knows His sheep have a very short memory. But they always recognize their Shepherd’s voice. That voice says, “Do not fear. I am with you. My rod and staff are here to comfort you, not beat you. Let my perfect love for you drive out your Fears.”

He says to me,”Look, I have prepared a table of rich grass for you to feast upon today even among this dark, scary jungle. Eat, rest and enjoy my abundance. You are safe with me.”

My Shepherd rejoices over me with loud singing and guards me with His goodness and Perfect love. There is coming a Day I will dwell with Him in His house forever. There will be no more tears, fears or biting mosquitoes to assail me.

I cannot wait. In the meantime, I’m thankful to shepherd my children under the guidance of the Great Shepherd.

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