What Now?


It’s what I receive back at the checkout stand.

It’s what happens between 12 and 18 years of age.

It’s how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.


It jingles in my pocket.

It’s also what must happen in my heart to follow Jesus.

It must happen sooner or later-


I feel it in the breeze that blows on my face.

I hear it in the voices that echo in my home.

I see it happening, like leaves changing color in the fall.

The wind changes direction and ushers in a new season

Do the trees willingly embrace their bare branches? Does it hurt to bud new leaves?

The colors of fall are breathtaking. Yet, the temperatures of winter are harsh.

Change can bring exciting, new ideas. Yet my heart beats in fear.

Change leaves me feeling uprooted, like a transplanted rose bush. Caught up in the nailed marked hands of my Gardner, I go only where He places me.

He gently surrounds me with Songs of Deliverance as He prepares the ground.

Two sparrows are sold for a penny, the Word says. And the strands of hair on my head, numbered.

I am worth more than many sparrows. My life is in His hands.


O Lord, soften up my soil. Prepare the branches for your pruning and plant me where I will produce fruit for you.

Massage the soil of my heart that my roots do not break off in my attempt to hold on to where I am. I want to go where you want me.

Make me more fruitful Father. Harden me with your gentle love to endure the wind, rain, heat and cold of this life.

Replant me by your streams of water that I may always bear fruit.

Thanks Flickr for the photo.

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