Change Out the Needle

Our family went to visit my parents in Arkansas for the Labor Day weekend. I expected it to be a time of rest as it often is thanks to my mom cooking and cleaning the dishes for me. And while I did rest from those duties, my mind didn’t.

So my first day back home I needed to do absolutely nothing. My body was tired. My mind was tired. I needed to hit the “reset” button, but couldn’t find it.

Before I left, Mom and I went to Hancock fabrics to look for a pattern that I could make something out of the fabric I purchased while in Kenya. I always make skirts thinking I’ll wear them and then never do. So I needed a pattern of something I will wear! I told my mom when we were checking out that I’m sure there will be a blog post about this afterwards. And I was right!


This was going to be my project for the week off school. In my day to do nothing, I started a movie, started another one for the kids, and closed the door to my sewing room.

Setting to work, I started with a pair of pants because they’re fairly easy and enjoyable to make. Mostly straight lines. While I was sewing the pants my thread kept breaking. I had to stop and re-thread my machine. Only for it to break again. I got so frustrated! I tried going faster. I tried going slow and steady. Broke again and again.


Finally, I decided to change out the needle. I thought it was fairly new, but obviously what I was doing was not working. Miraculously, the thread never broke again. I just needed a sharper needle to carry the thread through the fabric without breaking it.


I chuckled to myself as I felt the blog post brewing.

I feel like that thread. I keep breaking. I try going faster. Break. I slow down and steady my pace. Break again.

How do I change out my needle, Lord, to keep me from breaking at the slightest things?

Although I never really heard Him answer, by the end of the day I figured it out.

I sew. Or write.

Watch a movie.

Call a friend.

Say no to something.

Say yes to something else.

Grab an easy meal and let everyone wash their own plate.

Get off social media.

In other words, I have to allow myself time and space to rest. I need to change out my needle or my thread will continuously break no matter how many times I re-string the stupid machine.

Change out the needle means change up the scenery, the routine, the pace. Do something different than normal and reset my brain.

Do you ever need that?

Sewing this past week took my tired, weary body that felt lifeless and gave me my joy back! I entered a time warp. I sewed for a few hours but when I finished I felt like Lucy in the Lion, the Witch, the Wardrobe, coming out of the wardrobe, saying, “Here I am! Haven’t you been looking for me?”

Change the needle.

A dull needle causes the thread to break because it doesn’t pierce through the material smoothly enough. It makes sewing frustrating too. A dull Mom, a dull wife, a dull Julie, doesn’t have enough UMPH to make it through the day with joy and peace. A dull Me breaks the flow of my home and makes living at home frustrating for everyone.

Sew, moms: let’s change out our dull needles!

2 thoughts on “Change Out the Needle

  1. DebK says:

    Yes, you did write the perfect blog that provided wisdom with a chuckle. It is interesting too that we both know a dull needle is usually the culprit, but still, for some reason, we often miss those early warning signs.


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