Why I Am Thankful Even For Doubts

It happens every year.

After a long break, school begins. At first I’m excited. The crayons smell new, the pencils prick my finger with their sharpness and the scissors and glue find their home in a plastic shoe box neatly stored away in the cabinet. The kids insert tabs into page dividers, write Science on a label and slap it on the spine of their notebook. Books neatly file themselves on the shelves, waiting to be opened.


It all looks so nice and organized.

Then we start.

The books crack and creek as they awake from their hibernation. Our minds do the same as we seek to strengthen our muscles of paying attention, re-telling the story and how to form a cursive H again.

Like a new exercise program, I find school often hard to get going. But, also like exercise, I know I’ll feel better if I keep going…eventually.

So, I keep going.

But there comes a point my body rebels. I rebel at the schedule, the work, the time restraints, the other things I see around me piling up that I can’t get to. I think, Why am I doing this again? Is it really worth it?

Am I trying to prove something?

Trying to win homeschool mom of the decade award?

Trying to control things too much?

I’m going to be honest. Yes, I’ve written encouragement on this blog for homeschoolers. I’ve prayed for those of you who are embarking on this journey for the first time. I pray these words won’t discourage you. Keep going, there is hope at the end.

This year, already, I’ve wondered what our family would look like if we changed and switched to public school. My kids have never gone, so much of my wonderings are because I don’t know. But I often wonder if they’d thrive better under someone else. I often wonder if I would thrive better having them under someone else.

I’ve kicked it around…and around….and around the block in my head with tears streaming down my face. Tears of doubt, tears of my own inadequacies and my own struggles. Tears of what I wish I could be like, tears of letting go of others things I wish I could do with the time I pour into my children.

I listed my troubles to my husband, Adam, asking for his help, his prayers, his guidance. He listened. Then he spoke words that touched my heart and made me thank God again for giving me such a gift in my husband. He said, “Julie, stop looking at your inadequacies. God’s not. He’s trying to equip you!”

Stop Looking At your inadequacies.god's

Those words reminded me of something – The grass in the other field has to be mowed too. There is no easy way. If I switched my kids to public school, I’d be blogging about the yearning to homeschool. Why does the grass in the other field always look so much greener?

For today, my heart has resettled. Sure, my doubts, questions and “what-abouts” are still there. But the reality is, God is with me. This business of homeschooling is supernatural. It doesn’t happen in my own strength.

I can’t expect it to be easy.

I can’t expect it to look a certain way or even be measurable. The result is in the heart of my children.

I wish I could write encouraging posts to all my friends and never doubt myself, but I can’t.

I doubt too. My doubt doesn’t scare off my Lord, because really, doubt can be a gate to enter into His pasture of love, mercy and grace in a new way I haven’t experienced before.

So because of that, I’m thankful for the times of doubt and questioning because it’s in those times we see and hear God’s calling more clearly.

So how do you deal with doubts?

7 thoughts on “Why I Am Thankful Even For Doubts

  1. jenniferkindle says:

    Dealing with doubt? I continually remind myself that Jesus died so that I could live. If I am to follow his example I can be willing to die to myself, my wants, my potential so that my children can live and reach their potential. In doing this, I think we are all reaching our full potential.

    What’s the word…..those that lose themselves actually find themselves. Those aren’t words anymore, but I’m seeing its truths.

    Love you, friend. Do everything he asks of you and nothing more and nothing less.

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  2. Maggie says:

    I still wish there was more time in the day or more days in a week, just to DO all that I want to do. But after going out with some couples who have their kids at a local school here, I left being so thankful I’m not dealing with so much of the school drama that they are. The grass does always seem greener on the other side, but ours can be greener when we focus on it and take care of it… Obedience to where we are called is always the best option…

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  3. Rebecca says:

    We tried public school. You know I’ve got more done at home this year around my house than last year when I was stuck in a pick up line and agonizing over going to lunch to see abrief glimpse of my child in that seven hour gap of them when they were gone. And then when they got home we did homework and had to get to bed early to be ready for the next day… I guess some of us have to learn the hard way. The grass wasn’t greener on the other side for me! Granted it doesn’t make my day any slower now, but I’m so glad we are all back together!

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  4. hicamie says:

    We experienced years of public school before we started down the blessed path of homeschooling so I agree with Rebecca, the grass is not greener on the other side. It’s just a different set of grass! Each lawn has its own weeds poking through. Neither is a perfectly manicured lawn. I prefer my own grass, though, because I have more control over it! 😉 I love how you said that homeschooling is supernatural.


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