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Thread of Redemption

Thread of Redemption

Thread of Redemption

The words rung in my ears over and over again.

Is this my site?

Late one evening, I re-worded my site to look something like this:

The Thread of Redemption

I eagerly published it and was excited to share the new logo, until, as I was praying about what this new title held, I heard the whisper, this is a new thing.

A new thing.

So, I erased my work and took the months December and January to pray, listen and record the message I believe this site is to hold and share.

I don’t know that I fully understand it all, but I’m excited to share what I do know – from the first animal that was slain to cover Adam and Eve’s sin, to Rahab, to the woman at the well, God has been weaving His plan of Redemption. It’s all through-out the pages of Scripture.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to see. You easily get lost in the genealogies, the deaths, the wars, the crazy stories, the things we don’t understand, the philosophical debates, the cliches and we don’t see the dots of Redemption that Jesus connected when He rose from the grave.

In the same way, we don’t often see His fingerprint on our life. Death, divorce, devastation plague our lives and we cry out, wondering God where are you? Why does a loving God allow all this suffering?

My prayer for the website, Thread of Redemption, is to be a place to share the stories when God showed up when life seems to be unraveling. The times in our life when we’re on the banks of the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s chariots are closing in. Those times we pray for Him to part the waters, but instead He wants to teach us how to swim further than we think possible, or walk on the water, keeping our eyes locked on His.

Like a friend to confide in, I desire Thread of Redemption to be a place someone can click to in their darkest hour and find hope. Hope that this God sees them. This God has the power to save. This God restores wasted years. This God loves you.

I see this happening by sharing stories. We all have a story to share. I know everyone isn’t a talented writer and so I’m not trying to showcase beautiful writing, but rather concentrate on telling the story of how God answered your prayer – maybe just how you prayed, maybe beyond what you prayed, maybe changing you and answering in a completely different way.

Our stories hold power. God could use your story to touch the life of someone else and give them the strength to hold on one more day, to not give up on their marriage, not give up on their life, not give up on their child, not give up on their job, or their parents.

If God can use a Canaanite prostitute in His story, He can use you!

I invite you to check out The Thread of Redemption. Check out my adoption story that inspired it all. And please consider sending me your story to share.

Our Redeemer lives!


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