Trades of Hope {Interview with Katy Nutter}

The first year I went on a mission trip to Kenya, I spoke at a ladies conference. In between sessions, we also taught the ladies how to crochet. It was a precious time for me, because I helped teach them this skill without knowing their language! I would sit next to a lady, demonstrate the stitch, then hand the yarn back to her to try herself. If she did it correctly, I would  nod my head and smile. If she needed extra help, I would ask for the yarn back and show her again.
I was so impressed with these women. They not only caught on fast, but some of them made hats, booties and purses all from us teaching them one basic stitch. We left them with a skein of yarn so they could continue creating masterpieces once we left.
They thanked us for teaching them a skill. That was something they could use and possibly earn money off of what they made. A small business.
A friend of mine, Katy Nutter, is apart of company that wants to do the same thing. She is apart of a company called Trades of Hope,  which teaches skills to women living in poverty.They don’t merely hand out money, but actually create jobs! Their website says, “So many women live in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. We started Trades of Hope to give women that opportunity for a better life. Each woman has a story, and with Trades of Hope’s help, their story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!”
They are teaching these artisans how to sew, do bead work and more. Trades of Hope then buys the hand-made products from the artisan at a fair wage. After that, Compassionate Entrepreneurs, like Katy, market the products in the United States to give them a broader market and allow them to sell more quantity and make more profit. The artisans typically make 4-6 times what they would be making in their local markets!
Katy introduced me to these Restoration Earrings, which are made in Haiti from cereal boxes and clay.
Aren’t they pretty? I love the colors! And they aren’t too heavy.
The artisans in Haiti can create 50 beads, 2 necklaces, or 8 bracelets from one box of cereal. Plus, it provides $40 in income!
 I asked Katy some questions about Trades of Hope, hoping to give you a chance to hear her heart about the company and products…

1. How long have you been a consultant for Trades of Hope?
I joined November 5th 2013
2. What intrigued you to join?
I had been on the search for some extra income for several months before finding Trades of Hope.  When I got an invitation to a home party, I went to the website first to look around.  The first thing I noticed was that I loved the products!!  Then I started looking a little closer and I realized…This company is different!  These purchases mean something!  I knew right then, that this is what I should be doing!
3. What have you enjoyed the most?
Not only do I get to make some extra money for my family, but I get to set my own hours, work from home, and be there for my children when they need me.  The Trades of Hope sisterhood is like none other!  We are encouraging and supportive to each other, and passionate about our mission.  The relationships that I have made through this business, both with other CE’s and my amazing hostesses, have enriched my life so much.  I also feel more confident and empowered by what I am doing…Just like the artisans!
4. Do you have a favorite product?
Oh goodness…There are so many that I love.  I do love the Bombolulu set of gold earrings and Kenyan necklace.  But I also love the Inverted Capiz earrings from the Philippines!
5. What would like most for people to know about the company or the products?
This is for real!  Lives are actually being changed because Trades of Hope!  We are helping employ over 7,500 artisans full time around the world.  That’s HUGE!  These are people who are no longer in extreme poverty because they now have a job.  I love that women in American get to be a part of that.  I am helping a woman on the other side of the world, whom I will likely never meet, and she is helping me.  Women helping women!  And I get to partner with gracious hosts and generous customers who want to do their part too!
6. I hear you’ve been selected to go to Costa Rica and meet the artisans! Tell me about that what you’re looking forward to. 
I am thrilled that I will get to meet these strong and courageous women and men who create such beauty in the midst of so much pain and struggle.  Not only will we get to love on these artisans and the people in their community, we will also get to experience the Costa Rican culture and see first-hand how important it is to share their message.  Interacting with our artisans will give me a personal connection I can share with others.  My heart’s desire is to glorify God through my work and to inspire others to be passionate world changers too!
7. How can people get in touch with you?
If you would like more information about Trades of Hope, I’d love to hear from you!  I am on Facebook  Or you can email at
You can also shop my website at
Thank you Katy! I pray the Lord blesses your ministry!


2 thoughts on “Trades of Hope {Interview with Katy Nutter}

  1. Katy says:

    Thanks so much for featuring Trades of Hope! I love that you shared your skill of crocheting with the women in Kenya! These people are craving education of any kind. Whatever they can learn to do, they get excited about!
    For anyone wanting to know more about how Trades of Hope is empowering women, please visit my site or send me an email.
    We can change the world together! ~Katy


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