Top 5 Reasons Home school is like Breastfeeding

The idea of homeschooling for me began mid way through Caleb’s year of Kindergarten. Things in our home just CHANGED… and I didn’t like it. With baby #3 on the way, I knew this was going to be a challenge. Still, after much prayer I believed God was nudging me toward homeschooling. Which means, in other words, He was pulling me out of this boat sailing through nice calm waters and inserting me into another one, broken and wind busted with more storm clouds on the horizon. So I laid down all my reasons why I couldn’t do this, and accepted His hand held out to help me. And with a 6 week old baby on one arm and another child age 3 beside me,  and we began our journey….together!

Because of this beautiful situation, I soon found similarities in home school and breastfeeding. As my baby grew at his own “curve” and my child learned in his own style, I created a Top 5 list for why Homeschooling is like Breastfeeding. (Drum roll please)

5. It’s controversial! “Is there a homeschool room here or am I free to do this in public?”
4. Convenient yet at the same time, so inconvenient!
3. Husbands come in at the most in-opportune time.
2. Keeps you up at night.
1. You never know exactly how much your kids are getting…you just track the results!!!

putting it In Our Own Words…


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