What’s your Purpose?

“How am I supposed to do this?” I think Caleb and I both said those words countless times that first year. (Actually still do!) How can I teach my child when I’m not a teacher? I have no official training or methods of learning, no experience in the classroom, not even an exceptional education myself. What do I use, who do I call when I have a bad day? And when do I have time ALONE?? Sometimes, honestly I don’t like my children, so how do I get along with them ALL DAY LONG?

Well, sorry, but I still haven’t found all the answers for those questions, but I have grown to love how God chooses to use my inabilities to teach me that He is faithful and in Him lie hidden treasures to this life. He whispered to me long ago that it doesn’t matter what curriculum I use, but instead it’s how I use it. It’s not just about fulfilling all that the box recommends. It’s also about REDEEMING knowledge and education by showing my kids it all came from Him and points back to Him.

My purpose in this blog is not to be another trendy “pintrest” equivalent and confirm yet again to the “uncrafty” moms  that they can’t homeschool and that someone else’s home runs so much smoother and funner (yes, I just used that word!) No, my desire is not to show you all the cool curriculum we use and post pictures about how wonderful it flows, for there are many other really good blogs that do that. Whether you want to use Classical Conversations, A Beka, My Father’s World, Charlotte Mason Help, Saxon Math or Apologia Science, my desire is that you find what works for YOU. And to do that, you need a Purpose Statement.

“Why are you homeschooling,” prodded my husband one day. I’m so glad he asked me that! For that’s exactly what the cashier at Tractor Supply means when he says to my kids, “What are you guys doing out of school?” Why do you choose to live outside the norm and guide this education ship on your own? Is it to provide an excellent education? To be free from standardized tests? Free from regulations, schedules, graphs and charts over your special and unique child?

For me, I have come up with this: Our family purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and we see our children as our #1 audience. Homeschooling is one way that we do that by fostering a love of learning, offering real life, hands on experience to what we study, all while learning about different personalities as we do it together! This way, when questions arise about what books to buy, curriculum to follow, activities to be involved in, they all go through this filter. Will this enhance making disciples or take away our time from that? Will this give a better perspective of a culture, person in history making a major decision or clarify a science project? Without a PURPOSE, we’re flying blind, saying Yes to what we should so No to, and No to what we should say Yes to.

So that’s my encouragement to you today. If you get NOTHING else done – not even math and English, go somewhere by yourself, pray and seek to find out WHY you either ARE homeschooling or you are CONSIDERING homeschooling. Then, once you get it, pat yourself on the back, kick your feet up and share it here on this site so others can be encouraged by it!

Putting it In Our Own Words….

~ Julie

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