Welcome to the Steck Family Store!!!

Yes, we just returned from Kenya mere weeks ago, but we can’t wait to go back, and this time with our kids!! So, no trip is possible without the support of our friends, family and even acquaintances we haven’t made yet. Believe it or not, God confirms His plans through you! We trust Him for that, and are excited to see what He will do. We have put together some handmade items, created with love and prayers for you to purchase and all the proceeds will go directly to funding our family mission trip in 2015. Please know these are minimum donation amounts and we encourage you to pray about this and give as the Lord leads, for this is His work. Adam and I are passionate about the work the Lord is doing through Lighthouse For Christ. The vision to plant churches in the Kenya, provide continual pastoral leadership and mentorship, plus provide top of the line eye care for the community beautifully illustrates the Gospel.

Whether we go to encourage or we build a church structure for an established body (previously meeting under a tree or mud hut) or we participate by teaching the women there who they are IN Christ through the Ladies Conference, we love being apart!!! I can smell the ocean air already! 
Please contact us if you have any question about us or the trip or Lighthouse. We would love to share more with you!
So, here are a few ways YOU can  be involved! With a minimum donation of $20, you may choose from the following:
Tie-dyed T-shirts
Donate NOW!
Available in the following colors & sizes:
Tulip pink (Mackenzie) – Youth xSmall & Youth medium
Royal Blue (Caleb) – Adult Small & Adult medium
Olive green (Zach) – Youth Small & Youth Large
Mulberry purple (Julie) – Adult Medium & Adult Large
Warning!! They might make you act goofey 🙂
             You definitely get a thumbs up from my crew!
Yes, adult’s look good in tie-dyed too!!
Next up, we have scarfs…again, for a minimum donation of $20, you could wear one of these… a beautiful turquoise blue and silver sparkle trim.

Or, varied colors of Christmas red. Some are longer than others, perfect for Mother & Daughter.

Twist of Maroon, Blue, Gold, Teal trimmed in sparkly gold…

What?! You want to see more? Oh, ok, here ya go!! How about a few things my kids have prepared to help raise their plane ticket $$$ (Donate NOW!).

Zachary (5) has beaded this beautiful necklace for someone very special! How about a donation amount of your choice. 

Have any pest problems? Caleb can help! Gophers, rats, mice, raccoons, skunks, you name it, he’s got a device to trap it! Half of all donations go to his Kenya funds.

Mackenzie, who really started this whole idea, has made some incredible balloon hair bows. Choose from Lindale Blue & White, Christmas Red & Green, 4th of July red, white & blue, or any color in between. Donation amount: $10+ (Donate NOW!)

Well, there you have it…maybe not professional, but authentic! Would love to hear from you and be able to talk with you too. Again, questions or to place an order please email Julie at julieandcaleb@hotmail.com

Putting it In Our Own Words,


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