Dear Mom


It’s Christmas time! In other words, that means, parties, tinsel, cooking, decorating, friends, laughter, candles, “sleigh rides”, and caroling.  Which then leads to, sleep deprivation, traveling, piled up laundry, extra dishes, schedule crunching, rushing here, line waiting, online shopping, stressing out, credit card charging, expensive, how-much-can-I-cram-into-one-day…..UGH! But smile for the camera, we have so much to be thankful for, besides, it’s the HOLIDAYS!

All of this made me realize something…MOM, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!! YOU are what makes this family of yours tick. You set the schedule, the pace. You wash the long-sleeve clothes, prepare the chicken for dinner, take the kids to school, shop for the ingredients for the chicken dinner (hopefully in the right order!), care for the sick…and all before 10:00am! You do so much! And so many times it goes un-notices or even taken for granted. Before long, if you’re not careful, it leaves you feeling, well, DRY.
   Let me tell you, God sees you. He knows every dish you’ve put away, every tear you’ve wiped, every tear you’ve cried. He knows the heavy load you carry, the worries that surround you. He says in the midst of it all “I see you & I love you.”
   If you’re looking for “thank-you mom for folding my clothes,” you may not get it. If you’re looking to be satisfied in sleepless nights nursing an infant, you’ll be left dry. Can you look instead to be satisfied in the Presence of an Almighty Savior? He will never leave you empty, but will fill you to overflowing with life giving Living Water. Fill you parched soul deeply with THIS water, and you will find you have water to share with those little shadows that follow you around and call you “Momma”.
   Come to Him, precious, important mother, feeder of souls. Come to Him and receive affirmation, love and worth, not found ANYWHERE else. Christmas time or not, Feast on the Lamb!

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