Top 5 Date Night Rules

1)     Set aside $$ – Sometimes we think our money should go to anything and everything but investing in our marriage. We think it has to be an anniversary or special occasion to justify the expense. This just isn’t so! With so many things vying for our money, we have to be intentional about this and not just “wait and see” if there’s money left over. Something else will surly seem “more important” and take its place.  Right after giving, why not make it a habit and put back $100-$200 (whatever is suitable for your budget – maybe less, maybe more) for a month of dates? Will you need to hire a babysitter or do you have family or friends nearby you can easily use? We have some family nearby, but enjoy hiring a babysitter for 2 reasons. #1 is the kids enjoy getting to know someone new and spending time with them. #2 Adam and I enjoy walking in to a quiet, sleeping house and ending our time together in peace. Because let’s just be honest: Bedtimes can be stressful!

2)      Set a Date – Think about how much you look forward to a yearly summer vacation. It lifts your spirits on a bad day or moment, right? Thinking of the sight-seeing, sounds, food, the drive –the  anticipation of it is a big deal. Why not do the same thing for a night out with your sweetheart? Put some dates on the calendar – make it a priority and something to look forward to!

3)      Stress free zone The next question, naturally, is “What will we do?” Where to eat, what to do…these questions can be frustrating to answer. Let me just say, it’s ok to have a “regular” spot, a regular meal at a regular restaurant. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it doesn’t have to be new each time. The goal for this evening is for husband and wife to connect hearts. Summer vacation is for trying new rides and experiencing the next big excitement. For us, Adam loves routine and I like variety, but when it comes to date nights, we have a few regular restaurants with a few limited menus, so we don’t spend all our time and conversation arguing about where to go. That way we focus more on conversation or just stare at one another with no words. That’s fine too!!

4)      Don’t run errands Don’t do it! Your relationship is worth more than that! This is not the time to Christmas or birthday shop for your kids or neighbor. Nor is it the time pick up the dry cleaners, grab school supplies, or groceries. This is time set aside especially for the two of you to look at one another, hopefully with phones on silent, and connect. Ask questions like, “How’s the week been? What has been exciting to see? Where/what are you struggling with? How can I help? What goals do we have for our family or job? Dreaming…singing…laughing…

5)      Be free, be you and enjoy – Maybe you want to dress up, maybe you want to go in jogging pants, it doesn’t matter. Regardless what anyone else says you should do or try or look, be YOU!  Enjoy the company of your spouse as you did all those years ago before you said “I Do”. Maybe that was before baby bottles, piles of laundry, home-school books, and house payments. Live in the reality of today, where you are, thankful for the lessons of yesterday and the freedom to walk in a relationship with your spouse through all this life may bring. Take a moment once again to get lost in their eyes, giggle at a joke, melt in their touch, be captivated with their story.
I am praying for you, friend, in your marriage journey. It isn’t always easy.

1 Cor 13:13: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Putting it In Our Own Words,


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