Top 10 Homeschool Phrases….

 I May or May NOT Say to my Husband


10) Yes, my brain is fried!!
9) I don’t know what’s for dinner – any ideas?
8) Your jeans are in their new drawer, some call it a dryer.
7) Yes, I want your help, but don’t ask me what with – just pick something!
6) Yes, this is normal and calm!
5) “Yes, honey, I’ll come to bed in just a minute. Let me finish this chapter…I can’t decide if I want to use Saxon Math or Teaching Textbooks…”
4) No, I don’t know what happened to your chair – it didn’t look that way before our art project!
3) I thought the house looked pretty good – you should’ve seen it an hour ago!
2) What, I can’t hear you – let me get my 5 year old to turn down the music. I don’t know how to work it!
1) I know I don’t always tell you – calmly – but thank you for being the stable & sane parent!
Enjoy the weekend Moms!!

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