When My Day Didn’t Go As Planned

T-50 hours to Kenya!

This trip is getting off to a great start. I’m being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell.

My husband wasn’t planning to go into the office much at all this week to give him and the people there the ability to change gears and start packing up the piles of bug spray, Dramamine, snacks, and clothes accumulated through-out the house.

That was before the office manager came down with pneumonia. So not only has he been at work ALL week, he’s been there early and stayed later than usual to work on payroll, schedule tax payments, anything to buy our Team Member time to recover.

Meanwhile, at home, I continue the packing!

Friday morning (we leave Sunday) my husband and I ran by the office to grab some papers and a list of errands to run and we were greeted with more news. Another Team Member called with news a family member was put in the hospital and not doing well. He and his family are on their way to Wisconsin to be with family.

Hang on, it gets better…

We walk in the next office and the gal there informs us her Uncle died last night. While yet another asked us to pray for some heavy personal issues.

And we leave in 48 hours.

Last night I had a really weird dream. When I woke up I prayed about it and felt the Lord whisper to me that stuff was coming that would mess with my mind. I would need to “Keep your eyes on me.”

I’m also reading a book called “The Green Letters” And this quote jumped off the page at me today.

“When you fight to get victory then you have lost the battle at the very outset. Suppose the Enemy assaults you in your home or in your business. He created a situation with which you cannot possibly deal. [YES!] What will you do? You should simply look up and praise the Lord. ‘Lord I am faced with a situation that I cannot possible meet. Thine enemy the Devil has brought it about to compass my downfall, but I praise Thee that Thy victory is an all-inclusive victory. It covers this situation too. I praise Thee that I have already full victory in this matter.’”


We are 2 employees down and 2 with personal struggles, and the owner is out of the country for a month! I don’t know how things will carry on.

But I know who does.

Today has been hard.

-The rabbit has skin mites

-The kids have argued constantly

-My youngest was trying to feed ants to a chicken when the ant turned on him and bit him

But I praise God that His victory on the cross encompasses all things. Including this mountain! All things are under His feet and He has given us authority to trample the cobra and lion but we don’t rejoice in that – we rejoice that our names are written in the book of life, even when my day doesn’t go as planned.

Thanks to this site for the feature image. I did modify for this site.

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