And the Winner Is….

Two weeks ago I posted a Giveaway – 5 Ways to Win a $30 Spa Gift Certificate. The drawing closed last night and we have a winner!! To make it official, I had 2 fabulous little helpers eager to draw names. And the first prize goes to….




SHAWNA TUNNEL!!!  Whaa-hooo! Shawna is expecting her 3 child soon, so I’m sure a pedicare or manicure will be much appreciated! If you see her out and about today, be sure and congratulate her!

Now, it’s Mackenzie’s turn to draw…



20150728_093533 20150728_093537

And Mackenzie drew Lauren Bohannan!! Lauren is practically my neighbor and I was able to deliver the card and CD to her door this afternoon. Lauren has 2 beautiful daughters and I’m sure some time to the Spa will be refreshing…not to mention the music.

20150728_135624To both of these moms I want say this: Thank you for pouring into the lives of your children and husband. The work you do and the heart behind it may never be noticed by others or complimented on, but our Father in Heaven sees all that goes on. Continue serving your families as if you were serving the King….because you are. I hope this $30 Gift Card is just a small token of thanks for what you do! 20150728_171208

I feel like the coach who wants to give both teams a trophy, one for winning, the other for trying. Thank you to all who participated, I hope to do more fun Giveaways like this in the future!

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