Faith to Say Good-bye

Two weeks ago I watched as my friends and fellow Kenya sojourners boarded their flight out East…without me.


I’ve been three times now, meeting with the Kenyan ladies, listening to their stories, asking how we can best plan for a ladies conference. I love it. I love them. I love sharing my heart and listening to their story and seeing the Lord guide and unite the two.

I’ve been so excited to return and actually be apart of the conference again.

But I wrote these words on my bed on Texas rather than at the airport.

For when we returned in June, the Lord didn’t give us the green light to turn around and go back in September. I asked. Oh, I’ve asked!

“But Lord, I’ve done all this work. I want to share what you’ve given me. I love this ministry. I love these people. I want to go.”

Did you hear what each sentence started with?


I do want to go and do. But I haven’t heard the Lord say, Go. I’ve heard Him, ever so softly say, Stay.

Stay. Here.

As I look around at all that requires my attention here, I know He’s right. He always is.

There’s all these projects we’re in the middle of right now that we wouldn’t have been able to start if we took more time off in Sept. And the Lord has been very specific about this word, Diligence. I’m beginning not to like that word so much anymore. Can’t we pick a different word? It’s lost it’s excitement.

Jumping on a plane to Kenya sounds much more exciting!

Again, I remind myself, it takes more faith for me to stay and wait God’s timing than to go.

I feel like Paul in the New Testament. He spent many verses in his letters to his churches longing to be with them. He cried over not seeing his friends. All he could do was write letters to them. The Spirit even prevented him from going to certain places. I’m sure he often wondered why.

So this is my letter to Josh and Maggie and the Grace Team (who have already returned home now. This was my letter and my prayer for you!)

“Oh how I wish I could be there! I am praying for you. I know many of the steps you will take and I’m praying for each one. As you pack, that you will remember everything, that the bags will meet you in Mombasa, that you will fly through Customs. I praying for your safety and rest on the plane – whether you actually sleep or not. I pray for Josh and Maggie, as they prepare to receive you that they will be ready and rested. I pray for God to prepare the people who will hear your teaching. For the Pastor who’s getting a new church, for the children in the area to be hungry to know Jesus and George might circle then up again and share God’s Gospel message. I pray for conversations everywhere to be used by God. Also, I ask Lord, that Adam and I may join them next year.”

Peace be with you.

Thank you for traveling with me through this journey of Faith today.


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