31 Day Writing Challenge



It’s been a tough week. I think I’ve cried every day and not because I’ve watched too many Hallmark movies. It’s just been that tough. Emotionally and physically I’m drained. It’s easy to say I hope next week will be better. But what does hope really mean? Last year in October, I explored the idea of faith for 31 days. This year I want to do the same with hope. I think I have a light, fluffy view of the word hope. I desire to replace it with the essence of Romans 15:13: May the God of hope fill you with all grace and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I want my life to overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit, so here’s to understanding hope a little more over the next 31 days!

Day 1: What Do I Hope For?

Day 2: Unswerving Hope

Day 3: Unswerving Hope Pt 2

Day 4: A Sharp Twist in the Plan

Day 5: What Will People Think?

Day 6: What is Going On?

Day 7: The Day God Moved Mountains

Day 8: Footprints in the Sand

Day 9: A Time for Everything

Day 10: Hearts, Hiking and Healing

Day 11: What if I Want to Die?

Day 12: What I Miss Most

Day 13: The High Tide of Grief

Day 14: Lessons From My Favorite Artist

Day 15: Songs of Hope

Day 16: Where My Hope Rests

Day 17: Why I’m Coming Back to Homeschooling

Day 18: What’s Better Than Good Marketing?

Day 19: What If I Don’t Want to Homeschool Again?

Day 20: Why Is This So Hard?

Day 21: Lord, Help Me Teach My Daughter!

Day 22: Find Rest

Day 23: A Psalm of Hope

Day 24: When It Feels Like I’m Not Enough

Day 25: An Unexpected Surprise

Day 26: When Will This Get Easier?

Day 27: An Open Letter to Homeschooling

Day 28: Permission to Rest, Granted

Day 29: Eager to do What Is Good

Day 30: Hope Does Not Disappoint

Day 31: Normal is Only a Setting on the Dryer




31days large


I am accepting this challenge to write for 31 days in October. Topic? Faith.

My faith seems a bit small these days. My hope, my prayer is that by writing about it every day, I will water that little seed and it will grow. I pray that as it grows it will also flower and serve as food and even shade for those around me.

So I hope you’ll join me on this journey of faith, even if you feel yours is as small as a mustard seed.

Day One: What My Mustard Seed of Faith Looks Like

Day Two: Faith to Enjoy the Process

Day Three: Faith to Say Good-Bye

Day Four: Faith to Find True Joy

Day Five: Faith to Sit

Day 6: Shadows of Faith

Day 7: Faith of Something Beautiful

Day 8: Faith to Trust

Day 9: The Dirt is My Story {Guest Post}

Day 10: Faith to be Diligent

Day 11: Faith-full Friends

Day 12: Faith to be Brave Even When Fear Knocks

Day 13: Faith to Die

Day 14: Faith to Descend

Day 15: Faith to Endure When you Want to Quit

Day 16: Faith to Speak Truth

Day 17: Faith to be Different

Day 18: Faith to Rest

Day 19: Growing in Faith

Day 20: Faith to Listen When God Speaks in a Whisper

Day 21: Faith to Embrace Change

Day 22: Faith to Say No

Day 23: Faith to Obey When You Don’t Want To

Day 24: Faith: When Failure is the Best Option

Day 25: Faith as a Maker

Day 26: Faith on Center Stage and Behind the Scenes

Day 27: When You Dreams Can’t Be Found With a GPS Signal {Guest Post}

Day 28: Faith to Continue Growing

Day 29: Faith to Trust Fully in His Love {Guest Post}

Day 30: Faith to Refocus

Day 31: Faith to Finish Well

Write for 31 Days October 2016