Build Yourself Strong

One day I looked at my schedule for the week. I looked ahead a couple weeks later and my stomach knotted at what I saw. I saw myself running from the grocery store to gymnastics, fixing lunch to teaching phonics and leaving me no time to put gas in my tank. Like Thanksgiving lunch, my sweet potatoes were constantly running into my cranberry sauce with no divider. I had no space, no special place, no time for me. Depression clouded my usual sunny outlook on life, and I started to cry.

Then, a gentle whisper interrupted my tears. What would you like your days to look like?

I cried harder.

Does it matter? I thought back.

What say do I have in what my days look like?

Somehow I had gotten so wrapped up in meeting everyone else’s needs, I forgot my own.

I desire to build a strong family. But Before I can do that, I have to build a strong me.

Read more about my how I hope to do that in 2016 over at my friend Jennifer Kindle’s blog, Beyond the Nook.



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