The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Kids

Back in June I entered a writing contest, submitting the story of my step dad adopting me. It’s one of my favorite stories and so I contacted the Huffington Post about publishing it on their site. To my surprise and delight, they responded and granted not only that story to be published but also allowed me to be a regular blog contributor!

So, today I’ve published something over there called The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Kids. I would love it if you would check it out, and comment or share the post if you like the message! Thanks for all your support.

Here’s a look into the story

I knew there was something bugging my 7-year old son as soon as we got in the car.

“So how was it while we were gone?” I asked my two kids as they buckled themselves in.

“Great!” my daughter replied.

“OK” said Zach, and gazed out the window.

Mackenzie enthusiastically shared the details of movies, swimming and other fun things they did with grandparents and friends while Adam and I were away celebrating our 17th anniversary.

However, Zach remained quiet and shared only vague details.

By the next day a dark cloud settled over my little guy’s mind, darkening his usually cheerful mood and dampening the air of the house.

After dinner, he withdrew to his room while Mackenzie and I cleaned up the dishes. A few minutes later, our dish washing routine was interrupted with screams like someone had seen a ghost. Zach came running into the living room, flailing his arms and screaming.

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