Songs of Hope

Today I want to share with you two songs that have meant a lot to me this year. The first I mentioned 2 days ago in The High Tide of Grief . It’s Danny Gokey’s song Tell Your Heart to Beat Again. I was going to re-tell you the story behind this song, but I can’t do it nearly as powerful as Danny did on this interview. Please click over to this site and hear the story for yourself and then hear the song live. He says, “I want you to begin to hope again. God wants you to believe again. He wants you to trust Him…” Don’t miss this story!


As if that wasn’t enough, I want to share one more song with you. This one is by Steven Curtis Chapman and it’s called Something Beautiful. In his behind the music story, he shares how he believes “God will take the most broken things, the ugliest to look at right now…and those will be the places where the greatest beauty and glory will come from . It’s the paradox of in our weakness He is strong. ” So here is the song –

Grace has just begun my friend!

This post is apart of a series called 31 stories of hope for every homeschooler. To see the entire series, click HERE.


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