Normal is Only a Setting on the Dryer

Well, here we are: October 31. For 31 days I have pulled back the curtain to what really goes on in our home and shared with all of you my homeschooling story. I have searched for hope and found it anchored and secured firmly to Jesus. Life on earth may be scary at times, the waves of worry and doubt crashing over us, but even then “our anchor holds within the veil.”

I think so many of my frustrations can be traced back to unmet expectations. I’ve heard that 80% of expectations are assumed and never voiced. Which means that of the 100 things I envision happening, I expect 80 of them to run seamlessly without even telling them to. And maybe 20 of those things actually work. Ever heard of the 80/20 rule?

I have so many expectations on myself as the homeschool mom. In my head, I see our school days executed without a hitch. I see plenty of time for afternoon walks, meeting with friends, filling my journal with well worded thoughts and inspirations. I see us gathered at the lunch table discussing Columbus and World War II.

I see kids washing dishes joyfully and putting them away while quietly chatting. I see ample time and energy to wash clothes, shop for groceries and run by the bank. Soccer practice and gymnastics too bring joy to participate in.

And of course, the day is capped off with quality time with my husband. Tantalizing conversation and romantic rendezvous awaits me…right?!

It looks perfect on paper!

But then in reality it looks like something from The Mom Song –

Guys, get in here! I said we were starting school at 8:30 today and it’s 9:15!

Have you done your chores?

Have you done all your chores?

You don’t know what your chores are?

Stop making that noise!

Quit fighting!

Yes, it’s your turn to wash dishes…even the silverware…

Please stop sloshing water all over the floor.

Let’s go, let’s go!

What? You don’t have any clean pants? Have you brought them to me? They won’t clean themselves by sitting in your room.

Come on, come on, dinner’s ready and then we gotta go to soccer practice!

I don’t know where your socks are.

I haven’t seen your soccer ball either.

OK, everyone in the shower!

On the couch for a quick story.

Good night, I love you!

Hey babe…babe…are you awake?



Here’s what I know: Moms – this road of homeschooling is hard. There is no one size fits all curriculum. There is no one size fits all schedule. It is so easy to compare our children with someone else’s; it is so easy to compare our teaching style with someone else’s; it is so easy to compare our children’s academic achievements with public school. We compare bookshelves, reading lists, room cleanliness, amount of free time verses amount of computer game time. We worry we aren’t doing enough; we complain we’re doing too much.

If these past 31 days have done nothing else, I hope my story encourages you that you’re not alone. You’re not crazy…this is hard. And you can do it! I believe in you. Jesus promised that for those He’s called, He will equip to do His will. It won’t always look worthy of posting on Pinterest. You may not get everything done. But He is enough.

Remember, normal is only a setting on the dryer. Keep pressing in to the Lord and always, put your hope in God, when you meet Him face to face.


I am signing off on this 31 day writing adventure/challenge! I would love to hear what has encouraged you…!

This is the final post in the series, 31 stories of hope for every homeschooler. To see the entire series, click HERE.


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