Making Time for Special Things

One of my goals this year is to do things that are special. And by special I mean those things that when I do them, time stops. I can’t tell if 5 minutes or 5 hours have gone by.

When I make these special things a priority, I feel an increased capacity to deal with the daily problems. Whether it’s figuring out how to diagram direct objects or explaining how to reduce fractions, somehow I have more to give than when I chased getting all the things done and pushed off doing my special thing until the work was done.

I often think of the verse in Hebrews that says, ”…He [Jesus] sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Heb 10:12) When Jesus finished his work, He sat down. I try to emulate that and not sit down till I’m finished. The problem is, I’m never finished. There are always more dishes to wash – or unload, more clothes to wash – or fold – or put away – or what’s that called – iron?! There’s always more I think I need to do.

Finding time to do special things feels like a reward I need to earn and so it gets pushed back to tomorrow, and tomorrow and next Wednesday, and when I can do a better job, be more organized, not have so much going on, when the kids aren’t toddlers, or teenagers, when I’m not tired, when I don’t have to wash my hair…

Meanwhile, my capacity to love those around me, those God’s called me to love on a daily basis, dwindles. I’m short fused, I’m quick to gripe instead of instruct, I expect things I haven’t communicated clearly, because for goodness sake, shouldn’t you just know I wanted you to do that?!

Can you feel the stress? Stress was also a word on my goal list this year, except in the not-to-do category.

I’m convinced my body doesn’t handle constant stress well. I don’t think I was made to rush around from thing to thing, person to person all day until I am utterly exhausted and can not handle one. More. Blasted. Thing. He did not make me for this.

Jesus did not live like that. He was not stressed out. He did not hurry. He did not let Peter handle his calendar or rush his appointments, although I’m sure Peter tried! 😊 Jesus was purposeful where He spent His time. He was fully present where He was.

He walked every day, even the day He was betrayed by one of His followers and arrested, fully confident of the Sovereignty of His Father. He depended completely for God to provide everything He needed. I want to live that way too.

Which means I always have time for what’s important. For what’s special.

What do you think was special for Jesus? I think talking with people and eating with them was special. I think time alone with the Father was special to Him.  I think children and the hurting were special to Him. I think when He spent time with these people, time stopped. They were of utmost importance to Him.

In fact, people are so special that Jesus came down from Heaven to be with us. And to provide a way back to God that sin had broken.

In light of all this, I decided to make a list of special things that make time stop for me and figure out how to incorporate them into my day and week.

I thought about some friends of ours in particular, how when they come over, six hours flies by like 30 minutes. Every time they leave, my kids and I comment how it’s the shortest day of the week when we get together!

When I’m sitting on my bed with my journal and pen writing little musings like this one, I have no idea how long I’ve been there.

Catching up with friends over dinner and laughing at old stories of when-we-were-younger, works wonders for my soul.

Time stops for me when I spend time doing special things with special people.

So I encourage you, make a list of what makes time stop for you. Then, no matter how busy life is, make time to do those things and watch how your capacity to love those around you increases. It’s worth the battle!

Then, tell me about! I’d love to hear about your time stopping thing and how God used that!



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