When My Day Didn’t Go As Planned

T-50 hours to Kenya!

This trip is getting off to a great start. I’m being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell.

My husband wasn’t planning to go into the office much at all this week to give him and the people there the ability to change gears and start packing up the piles of bug spray, Dramamine, snacks, and clothes accumulated through-out the house.

That was before the office manager came down with pneumonia. So not only has he been at work ALL week, he’s been there early and stayed later than usual to work on payroll, schedule tax payments, anything to buy our Team Member time to recover.

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I Can’t Believe Who’s Going to Kenya!

Our entire family will travel to Kenya this year and minister along-side our dear friends Josh and Maggie Ghrist with Lighthouse for Christ. What an answer to prayer that I can write that statement! It was a year ago that we began praying, almost nightly, as a family, asking the Lord if He would provide for the 5 of us to go. We have purchased the tickets and the reality of it is sinking in.

Yes, there’s the reality of the check-list of items I/we need to do – immunization shots for the kids, luggage to replace, item to purchase, etc. Those just follow on the heels of my regular list of laundry, meal prep and light bulb replacements. The Lord is also “reality checking” my heart and throwing out any old, torn luggage ‘cuse me, baggage, with His unused, endured through eternity, truth.

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To the Lady at the Sears Checkout Line 

You blessed me today.

We spent most of the afternoon looking at luggage for our big family adventure. We compared prices, scanned Amazon, perused clearance deals. We felt the material, sat on the frame, unzipped all the pockets trying to imagine what exactly we need. My heart ached with how expensive the necessities of life add up to be. My brain pulsed from calculating how much things cost – how much I have and subtracting the difference.

My stomach felt the knot tighten.

Then, with items in hand we made our way to the checkout counter. You greeted us with a warm, beautiful smile while we waited on the cashier to return.

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Welcome to the Steck Family Store!!!

Yes, we just returned from Kenya mere weeks ago, but we can’t wait to go back, and this time with our kids!! So, no trip is possible without the support of our friends, family and even acquaintances we haven’t made yet. Believe it or not, God confirms His plans through you! We trust Him for that, and are excited to see what He will do. We have put together some handmade items, created with love and prayers for you to purchase and all the proceeds will go directly to funding our family mission trip in 2015. Please know these are minimum donation amounts and we encourage you to pray about this and give as the Lord leads, for this is His work. Adam and I are passionate about the work the Lord is doing through Lighthouse For Christ. The vision to plant churches in the Kenya, provide continual pastoral leadership and mentorship, plus provide top of the line eye care for the community beautifully illustrates the Gospel.

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When God Spoke to Me

 Have you ever had one of those moments where the world around you stops, the noise turns to a distant buzz, your heart quickens and you can’t peel your eyes off what you’re looking at? I had one of those moments laying on my couch upon arriving home from Kenya. But to describe the wonder of this moment means I start back when I bought the fishing pole…

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Dog Bites of Life

    I’ve enjoyed running for almost 3 months now. Every time my feet touch the pavement I’ve prayed that I would not strive for physical training, but that the Lord would train me in godliness. Only as an extra perk, I hope my body to be physically fit, healthy and ready for any service which He may call me to. Through these months I’ve seen the Lord manifested in the heat of the sun and the glory of its rays, the road marks along the way, water treatment facilities, creeks…the list goes on. Not to mention tiny irritations like mucus, shin splints, exhaustion from starting too fast, and things I haven’t even written publically of.  All of these things have nourished my spirit and answered my prayers.

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