Faith to be Brave Even When Fear Knocks

I wasn’t going to do this. I had another post all queued up ready for send-off, but I have a story I don’t want you to miss.

A new blogging friend Jen Daugherty asked me to guest post for her on the topic brave. After praying about it, I had my story.

Many of you know I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve enjoyed 16 good years of marriage. I often post about marriage and how we can Meet in the Middle, Truths that can Transform it or Do you Pray with your Spouse. I honor my husband by bragging on him anytime I can. I’m so thankful for him.

But I also know the other side – when “meeting in the middle” didn’t happen and what resulted was a broken family. For you see, that’s the back half to my story. And for all you other moms and dads out there living a life of single-parenthood, my hat goes off to you.

You are so brave. So. Brave. I hope you’ve read What I Learned Through My Parents Divorce and I hope you know that when I post about marriage tips and prayers, I am never forgetting you and your struggles.

So, here’s to you. All you brave men and women. Keep being brave. Keep showing Jesus to the little eyes that are looking to you to help make since of this mess we call life. Jesus will never leave them, or you, never!

So, here’s my story I shared over at Jen’s place Sunday.

When I think of the word brave, the picture I see in my mind is young David standing before the giant Goliath. This young man, barely shaving age valiantly stood before and defeated the man everyone else feared, with no armor and no spear. He used only what he knew how to use: a sling and a few stones.

While everyone around him shouted reasons to just drop off the sandwiches to his brothers and go back home, David saw an opportunity. He’d slung that sling many hundred times before and killed many a wolf trying to attack his flock of sheep.

Why should this time be any different?

We don’t hear much fear or doubt in David’s story, but I’m sure they were there

There’s just a taste, but please, hop on over and view the whole thing HERE.

I’m glad you stopped by today. See you tomorrow!

For the month of October, I’m taking the challenge to write and post everyday. For a listings of all the days, just click HERE.

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