When Dreams Can’t be Found with a GPS Signal

Day 27 of 31 days of writing. This month is drawing to a close. How’s your faith doing? Is it growing along with mine?

Today I have a story to share that came to me as I drove to a field trip with my kids. I wrote it for my friend, Alisa Stoner, who has been writing about Running Free with Dreams in Your Heart this month.

As I struggled to find where I was going, which isn’t surprising for this directionally challenged Mama, I thought about how hard it is to find our dreams. How do we get there? Sometimes we see a map and still don’t know how. Sometimes people tell us how they got there, but we find out they started from a totally different locations.

Driving to a field trip, or driving to find our dreams can often be frustrating, with lots of twists and turns, missed roads and backtracks. But, all is not lost. Click on over to Alisa’s site to read the good news of this journey…

This and other posts are apart of my 31 day journey of watering my mustard seed of faith. I hope yours is growing along with mine. If you’ve missed any, click the picture to catch up!

And if any of these words have watered your faith, leave a comment, an email to let me know, or share with a friend to encourage them.

Thanks for joining me today.

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2 thoughts on “When Dreams Can’t be Found with a GPS Signal

  1. Laura Ruth says:

    This 31 day journey with you has touched deep in my soul. I feel God wriggling out deeply imbedded hurts, ideas, thoughts and shame. It is “interesting” how each day speaks so clearly about something I am wrestling or need to be wrestling. I am enjoying your words.


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