The Grand Finale of Write 31 Days

We did it! I wrote my faith journey for 31 straight days and you read along with me.

Thank you!

What started out as a mustard seed of faith grew into a potted plant producing leaves.




My 5 favorite posts are:

  1. Faith on Center Stage or Behind the Scenes

2. Faith to Listen When God Speaks in a Whisper

3. Faith as a Maker

4. Faith to Descend

5. Faith of Something Beautiful

What I’ve learned in this 31 day journey is faith doesn’t look a certain way. It’s not always in the BIG things we try to do for God. It’s not always in the go, the stand and the rise up. Faith is often found in the stay, sit, wait.

But now it’s your turn. What have you learned? Which post encouraged you? Has the Lord dug around in your heart as you’ve read my journey? What has He stirred in you? What have you done with that stirring?

Would you leave me a note – an email or a comment below about it? Or find my Facebook page and start a conversation there. I’d love to know what the Lord is doing in your life!

Also, do you know someone struggling to believe God right now? With feeling stuck in the molasses swamp of life? Would you share a post with them? Or post your favorite one on social media? I would love to see God use the words He gave me to encourage others beyond my circle of reach.

Thank you so much!

I have some exciting ideas for November and December, so stayed tuned, sign up for emails if you haven’t already and continue walking in faith.

Missed a post? Click on the picture at the bottom to view the whole list.

31days large

2 thoughts on “The Grand Finale of Write 31 Days

  1. alisastoner says:

    You’ve inspired me to finish my ‘end of 31days’ post. Great job!!!

    I’ll be working on it tonight during Sierra’s ballet class–we’ll see how it goes. I’m enjoying a semi-rest this week [😊] how about you? Your house any cleaner [😉]



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